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Glossary of Terms

We understand not everyone knows recruitment jargon. Below, find a glossary and quick guide. Click on a bullet point to jump to the section.

Intake Meeting

This type of meeting occurs after we decide to work together, where we discuss the specific needs of the role you are looking to fill. This is critical in order for us to identify and qualify suitable candidates for your environment, ensuring we present the most appropriate talent.

Ideally, both your direct hiring manager and internal recruiter are participants in the meeting, as oftentimes these conversations open up new insights not yet realized.

We'd recommend a face-to-face meeting to help us absorb the culture and environment of your business. But, if time and our location don't allow this, then we will host a virtual call.


Candidate Sourcing

Typically referred to as headhunting, we use proactive recruitment techniques to identify and approach individuals with the right qualifications for your specific role, even if they are not actively in the job market.

We are Certified Diversity Sourcing Professionals and apply advanced boolean search techniques in platforms such as LinkedIn and Google, as well as perform sourcing investigations to identify particular communities for targeted professionals.


Prescreen Interview

A 30-minute phone, video, or in-person interview between Hammehr and the candidate. The purpose of the prescreen is to assess the candidate's qualifications based on the intake meeting, introduce your market needs for this role, discuss the candidate's preferences, and inform the candidate of the interview process.

Successful candidates are then submitted to your Hammehr Account Manager for further review and quality check for a final short-listing before submitting to your recruiter and/or hiring manager.


Resume Submission

Through email, you will receive candidate resumes with full names and contact information, along with an unbiased summary of the prescreen interview notes. 


Reference Checks

Once you have made a decision to hire the candidate, we will perform 2 reference checks by phone, at least one of which with a direct manager. A full list of questions and answers will be sent to you for your files.


Recruitment Strategy Meeting

When you choose either the ENHANCED or STRATEGIC package, in addition to the intake meeting, we will also discuss your recruitment strategy and the candidate market insights about your role.


Are you unsure if what you are offering is competitive with other organizations? Are the resumes you're receiving a complete mismatch to the role you posted? Do candidates withdraw themselves before going through your hiring process? Is time to hire becoming an issue in meeting project deadlines? We'll discuss easy yet strategic solutions that you could implement immediately to start improving your process. 


Job Description Analysis

As part of a richer intake meeting discussion, we will evaluate how the required knowledge, skills, and abilities for your role are weighted along with the most essential 3 - 5 criteria to predict job success.

The purpose of the job analysis will be to guide the construction of the structured interview questions.


Structured Interviews

Part of the ENHANCED or STRATEGIC package, structured interviews are 60-minute pre-set questions and answers designed to objectively assess candidates in a consistent manner and create a scoring system for the quality of the answers.   

What's the benefit of a structured interview? Standardizing your interview process increases the power of predicting the job success of candidates, reduces biases, and has the long-term benefit of adding a feedback loop to your process.

Feedback loop, you say? Yup! Check out the "Scorecard Presentation" term below for more information.


Scorecard Presentation

In the ENHANCED and STRATEGIC packages, Hammehr will submit candidates with a scorecard of their structured interview results.


After hiring a candidate, hold on to the scorecard and refer to it again during performance reviews or exit interviews. Over time, you will hone in on which interview questions best predict job success in your environment, and which evaluation criteria may need to be modified.


Employer Brand Outreach Package

Most organizations have perfected their marketing to their clients/consumers and investors, but struggle to do the same for their candidate marketing. 

Do your job descriptions start with a company description that looks like it was copied out of an investor portfolio? Have you listed every single company benefit hoping there's something to appease each candidate that reads it? Did you list your salary offer as "competitive"? Do your LinkedIn job announcements start with "We're Hiring!"? 

In the STRATEGIC package, we'll help you go above all that when reaching out to candidates. These are improvements that not only help for one role but your entire hiring process.


General Mental Ability (GMA)

The GMA is a form of standardized cognitive assessment that measures candidates' critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and ability to learn. 

In 2016, a meta-analytical study that evaluated 100 years of research on personnel selection methods concluded that, by far, the General Mental Ability assessment is the strongest predictor of success in jobs that are of higher complexity. 

In our STRATEGIC package, the GMA results are paired with structured interview scorecards to provide the most well-rounded assessment of candidates.


Recruitment Activity Data

In the STRATEGIC package, you will receive a weekly progress report providing detailed status of your role, including: 

  • Active pipeline - candidates we're speaking with and the source of where they were found

  • Approach list - candidates we're attempting to engage

  • Declines - candidates who we've ruled out

Intake Meeting
Candidate Sourcing
Prescreen Interview
Resume Submission
Referenc Checks
Recruitment Strategy Meeting
Job Description Analysis
Structured Interviews
Scorecard Presentation
Employer Brand Outreach
General Mental Ability
Recruitmet Activity Data

Get in Touch

If you're wondering about any details, have questions, or want to talk about a potential new hire, we're here to assist. Reach out to us for clear, valuable insights.

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